Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monthly Game Club Introduction

The Monthly Game Club is a new feature on Press Pause to Reflect which will give us an opportunity to play through and discuss an excellent game together. I'll choose games that are really good so that I won't be wasting your time, inexpensive so that I won't be wasting your money, and available on a variety of platforms so you won't feel left out. We'll have one introductory post explaining the game and where to get it, along with the first assignment, and then one post each week to discuss the game and give a new assignment. Kotaku did something similar a while back, and it was a great idea, and then it mysteriously ceased.

The game for June will be Braid, and the introductory post and assignment will go up next Tuesday, so stay tuned if you'd like to participate. If you have any suggestions for future Monthly Game Club games, please post in the comments or email us at:

presspausetoreflect AT gmail DOT com

EDIT: Feel free to participate in the Monthly Game Club even if you've already played the game. The purpose here is the discussion of unique qualities in each game, artistic decisions, and deeper meaning. Just try not to spoil anything before it's assigned!


  1. Ha! I was just reading about this on Dinosaur Comics - well, about how it is available on PC and only $15!

    (also it is awesome)

  2. You did it! Thank goodness I already have this excellent game.

  3. I just picked up a copy myself. In your face sleep!


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