Monday, August 31, 2009

Monthly Game Club Suggestions?

So far in the Monthly Game Club, we've discussed Braid and two short games by Jason Rohrer. I've got a couple of ideas for what to do next, but I thought I might ask you readers what you've liked/disliked about the Game Club in the past, and what you might like to play next.

So how often would you like this to take place? Do you want to discuss every week, or spread it out more? Do you want the games to be retail games, downloadable games, or free games? While we're at it, what types of consoles or computers do you all have? And last but not least, what should we play next? Feel free to mention if a game club doesn't really interest you as well. I promise not to take it personally.

Comment away!


  1. Don't limit the types of games you explore in this piece by platform. I don't like that idea.

    I like the idea of discussing weekly.

    I have no idea what to play next.

  2. Well I'd recommend Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. But I'm not sure if it's an iPhone original or if there's an original version online somewhere. In anycase, it's worth a look at. As far as my platforms go, I've got a Mac, ps2/ps1, and an iPhone....

  3. I'd like to see more commercial games get scrutinized. I think that more popular, critically praised but artisitically questionable games would open up the discussion more. I love Blow and Rohrer's exceptional work, and it's nice exploring deconstructions of these games, but I think it would be more fun to open up more debatable arguments. I think that a good even-sided debate about whether there is any artisitic merit in Dead Space (for example) would be a good exercise.

    For me a discussion every month is good, it gives people enough time to get some play time in, in their busy lives.


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