Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chrono Trigger Was My First Love

transcript of an actual conversation by Daniel and Josh 

Josh: You know, I never actually finished Final Fantasy VII.

Daniel: Really? But you loved that game.

Josh: Sure, but once I got to the last section of the game, when the whole world opens up and there are all those ultimate weapons to find and chocobos to train and areas to explore, I just kind of stayed there, flying from place to place in my airship. I guess I didn’t want it all to end.

Daniel: Sort of like not finishing a good book?

Josh: Yeah. I liked the anticipation of it. I mean, playing that game was like a relationship for me. We’d spent so much time together, I didn’t want it to be over. It was kind of like sex, so much of it was the buildup.

Daniel: Although you missed the climax. That’s sort of a big deal.

Josh: I guess. Most games sort of climax before the final scene, though. You know, prematurely.

Daniel: And once you beat a game, there’s nothing much left over. I mean, you don’t really cuddle up to the credits. You could play it again, but who wants to do the exact same thing twice? Some really great games, sure.

Josh: That’s why Chrono Trigger was so great. The “New Game +” isn’t just replaying the game. If most games are one night stands, Chrono Trigger is like a really good girlfriend. You can play over and over again, and it just gets better and better.

Daniel: And you learn more about it each time. More of its little quirks.

Josh: Exactly! Honestly? I still don’t really know what the Nus are about, but that’s ok; I have my life and Chrono has its life, and we’re happier that way. Plus, if we’re talking about a video game behaving like a girlfriend, Chrono lets you, um, try out different endings.

Daniel: Yeah. New, happier endings.

Josh: Sometimes with more people, or in different places.

Daniel: What?

Josh: And different angles of approach.

Daniel: You’re making me uncomfortable.

Josh: Also, a frog.

Daniel: …ugh.

Josh: What a great game. I think I’ll go play it again.

Daniel: I’ll leave you alone for that.

Josh: Yeah, might be for the best.


  1. Dear Josh,
    I never wanted to know this much about your sex life.

  2. i think this blog gives justification to all male gaming dorks everywhere who have always hidden and run from any sort of sexual experience or real relationship with girls. (i.e. that they can have the same thing with a game) i don't know if this is a good or bad thing for the female population. in any case...brilliant.

  3. Well apparently I can't let me girlfriend know I just bought this for the DS...great. As if she didn't think I spent too much alone time with my handheld gaming device as it is.

  4. You never finished FF7??!?! But the entire game is spend buidling up the Badassitude of Sephiroth!! how can you not confront him and kick his ass, providing the most satisfying buttkicking in videogame history!??!!?

  5. Good thing Ollecram's girlfriend doesn't like to browse around on this site in order to learn more about his interests. Oh wait. Freaking busted! I knew that I didn't like that DS for a reason!

  6. So you want to learn about my interests and yet decry them at the same time? For shame girlfriend, for shame...

  7. You guys played Chrono Cross? that game was awesome!

  8. I never did actually get around to playing Chrono Cross, though I've heard good things. The idea just makes me nervous, though. I don't see how a sequel could live up to the original.


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