Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monthly Game Club #2: The Short Works of Jason Rohrer

For our second Monthly Game Club, we'll be playing a couple of short games by Jason Rohrer, an independent developer who makes all of his games by himself and releases them all for free on the internet. First up is Passage.

What it is: A five minute indie game. I'd go into what it's about, but a lot of the fun is figuring that out for yourself. I promise that it's good.

Price: Free

Where to get it: Here

The Assignment: Play the game a few times. Try different things.

I'll be out of town next week, so you have until two weeks from now, Tuesday July 14th, to play through the game a few times and think about it. I'll post some questions for discussion then.

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  1. Though I enjoy Rohrer games, I would have to say that I find more pleasure in simply knowing "this is about something" and then trying them out versus hearing his thoughts about them before hand.

    Make sure that reading his game descriptions are an afterthought to actually playing the game. Otherwise, it is sort of like an author puting a post-script on every page to explain every single metaphor he used and what he really meant (art should be released to its viewer or else it just makes a lot of noise and shits all over the creator's apartment).


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