Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monthly Game Club: Braid Final Discussion

Well, that's it. Since last week, we've collected our final puzzle pieces and completed the final world. I'll ask a few questions to get us started, but feel free to discuss anything about the experience.

1. How did the final level change your perspective on Tim's pursuit of the Princess, if at all?

2. How about the text in the epilogue? Did the text behind pillars and other objects give you any further perspective on the themes of Braid?

3. What are your thoughts on the way the final world made use of time? How did that play with your understanding of the game thus far?

4. Do you have any theories on what the plot of this game was? Who was Tim? Who was the Princess? What did it all mean? Was there just one meaning, or more than one?

5. Did you find any stars?
Thoughts! Reflections! To the comments!

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FOR NEXT WEEK: That's a wrap for Braid. Next Tuesday, I'll be announcing next month's game club! As always, feel free to e-mail Monthly Game Club game suggestions to presspausetoreflect AT gmail DOT com.


  1. Sigh. I'll finish this game eventually.

  2. I love that the final level totally changes one's perspective on the game. Not just the storyline, but when so few games have a satisfying conclusion or final boss or last level, this game actually uses the mechanics you've been playing with all along to completely shift your perspective.

    Up until the last level, this game is really good, and makes you think about the puzzles. In the last level, the game becomes something entirely different, goes from good to great, and makes you think about the concepts of the game and the story. I was blown away!

  3. The last level really hits Blow's mantra of "mind-expanding" gameplay right out of the park. It's so wonderful how, in that blinding flash of light, you go from that experience of not knowing to suddenly knowing. You're in control the entire time, and it's wonderful. I must have replayed that five or six times.


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